Be Nice Hollyoaksers

Planning on posting a comment?

Please be kind to your fellow Hollyoaks fans. Leaving threatening messages isn’t very nice and is against the law. As a security measure, your IP address is stored on our system whenever you leave a message.

We’ve worked very hard to make the comments system available to everybody, please don’t make us have to force Hollyoaks fans to be a member to post messages.

If you feel strongly about a subject depicted in Hollyoaks, or indeed something on HollyoaksVillage, please voice your concern freely, but don’t use excessive swearing and don’t be mean.

HollyoaksVillage administrators follow a three-point rule when considering editing a comment. We don’t take the decision lightly because we don’t believe in censorship, but sometimes it is necessary to delete a message.

A comment, or a link inside a comment may be removed for one of the following reasons:

  • Links to an unsafe or dishonest Web site.
  • Comment contains spam content
  • Comment is inappropriate or unnecessarily offensive

HollyoaksVillage is protected by a robust Spam Filter and, as such, spam rarely gets through. If it does, we delete it manually.

HollyoaksVillage follows a three-point code regarding comments posted on our articles.

  1. Green comment: Was left untouched by HollyoaksVillage administrators.
  2. Amber comment: A link was removed for our visitors’ security / safety.
  3. Red comment: Removed completely due to spam or inappropriate content.

The administrators will always post a message announcing that they have deleted or edited a comment; we believe in being transparent.

The Internet is a wonderful thing. Please, please don’t spoil it for others.


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