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Just copy the code below to any page, blog or social network site (i.e. MySpace) and you’ll magically display a shiny red button showing your support for HOLLYOAKS VILLAGE!

<a href="" title="PROMO"><img src="" alt="promo-button-2008.gif" /></a>

So you want to be an affiliate of Hollyoaks Village?

Being an affiliate means you will get a small button / text link in the sidebar. People will see the link and may even visit your site there an then!

In exchange for this, Hollyoaks Village asks for the same from you. We can provide you with a button / banner and you can rest assured that you’ve done a good thing for a growing site!

NOTE: You must provide a link to HollyoaksVillage in order to get your button / text link displayed at

This is the part where we sell ourselves in order to get a button on your site… Hollyoaks Village gets in excess of nine-hundred unique visitors every day. We’re also ranked favourably by Google and appear regularly on the front page of Hollyoaks-related search results, often even number one! I can almost guarantee that if your website is relevant, not only will both our PageRanks go up, but traffic between our sites will be established and will eventually grow over time.

For the purposes of good and reliable Search Engine Optimisation, we will not accept affiliate requests from sites relating to TV programmes other than Hollyoaks. This policy is unlikely to change in the near future and related requests are automatically denied.

So, if you think you’d like to be a part of this cyber-process then get in touch! Don’t forget to leave a link to your Web site when you contact us.

iOaks and I look forward to hearing from you!

  • Harlequin Boy