The spoilers page is currently closed.

What’s going on?
Unfortunately the spoilers are not available at the moment as we’ve decided to suspend the page for the time being.

Well, our spoilers were sourced from waveguide.co.uk and, while we linked the source, it seems our actions (as well as the actions of others) are less than appreciated and as such waveguide.co.uk were forced to post a notice asking other Hollyoaks web sites to refrain from posting their spoilers, even temporarily removing their Hollyoaks spoilers. The decent thing to do would be to adhere to the request to stop re-posting the spoilers, and that’s exactly what Hollyoaks Village has done.

What now?
Well, this page will remain out of action until we find a new way of getting hold of spoilers. We are, after all, just fans of the show and we can’t get hold of inside information or advanced storylines ourselves. If you have any ideas as to how we can obtain spoilers for upcoming Hollyoaks episodes, feel free to let us know by posting a comment below.

We are sorry it has come to this and wish to point out, for the record, that we never intended any sort of malicious plagiarism.

– the Hollyoaks Village team.

9 Responses to Spoilers



  3. Yezzer says:

    I really fancy Newt, i thin khe is the sexiest man alive. I would like more Newt centric episodes for me to blow my load over

  4. louise says:

    I think Newts quite cute to I honestly agree with tht last commit but I do feel so sorry for Max because he should of left with OB and that and who will look after little Tom.
    Max is so sweet and he doesn’t deserve to die….not fair coz he is one of my faviourite charaters.

  5. Hannah says:

    I can’t believe Max has gone. I had no idea he was leaving and having just watched the “first look” Hollyoaks on E4 tonight, I nearly had heart failure myself. I can’t believe he’s gone – he’s been one of my favourite characters since the start of my watching and I definitely can’t believe that they’ve written him out as dead.
    I’m inconsolable.

  6. Mergeyn. says:

    i cant believe max is dead bring him back, please.
    will be interesting to see what steph does, and poor OB and tom especially i’ve cried so much ahh what gayz

  7. its soo sad max is dead now
    im hatung sasha now whats the point of being a drug addict


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