Digital Spy Soap Awards

James Sutton & Bryan Kirkwood on winning best storyline w/ Digital Spy’s Kris Green

Digital Spy Soap Awards

James Sutton (John Paul McQueen) Best Actor interview w/ Digital Spy’s Kris Green

Fan Music Video

John Paul & Craig (I Hate Everything About You by Three Days Grace)

17 Responses to Video

  1. dennise says:

    i have a mager crush on newt he is so fit

  2. Stephh says:

    Who doesnt! hes gorgeous!

    **Email address or URL removed** – add me


  3. Lianne! :D says:

    OMG! Newt Is Lykk Soo Hawt!

    I ❤ Him
    I ❤ Him
    I ❤ Him

    How Old Dya Fink He Iz? U Think A Yr 9’r Will Have A Chance? Lol

    I Like Him Better Gothic.

    But I Still Like Him.



    **I Also ❤ Gerard Way From My Chemical Romance**


  4. Danii says:

    tbh im dissapointed :[

    but he has a nice name :]]

  5. Rose says:

    Argg i think he’s very good looking!
    Better with the wig and emo look though, definately.
    I only started watching Hollyoaks because of him!
    ^^I also love Gerard from My Chem. Mmmmmm…

  6. Timmeehh says:

    I WISHWISHWISHWISH newt was like that in real life :O ,
    I Was Hoping The Rumours Wern’t True About Him Being A Chav,

    Ahhh well,,
    Cause his phitt in the show, not any other time ahah .


  7. lucy says:

    newt is oh so sexy love him
    shame he aint like that in real life….sigh
    gothic realy suits him ( well me being a goth any way)
    my friends tlk about him all the time,thats y i watch hollyoaks because newts in it
    y aint there any one like him in real life!!!
    mwah love u newt!!!!!!!! xxx:[xxxxxxxx

    love lucy xx

  8. Adam says:

    i am on grange hill, and hollyoaks is filmed in the same place. So i always see Newt and i finally got the corage to get a picture with him.
    Lucky me!!! he Rocks

  9. difrent Adam says:

    omg dat part wz soo neerly mine but i said you would get it nico!!
    And i was rite =]
    ani way gd luck mate n btw u duin a wkd job!!!!!
    hopefully derz anuva audition cumin @ lime pictures n al c ya den lmao!
    well done again,
    lucky you! lol.

  10. rachaii says:

    He should sooooo look like Newt in real life he is


  11. sarah says:

    hi can i see a pic of newt in real life

  12. Caroline says:

    Hiya i think chris fountain is the fittest boy ever hers really nice


  13. ximnotokayx says:

    cute yeh, but Gerard Way is the most good-looking guy in the world!!!!!!! ❤ him ❤ him 🙂 🙂

  14. lauren says:

    newt is soooo hot
    he’s the reason i watch hollyoaks lol!

  15. ella says:

    nuh i really beg to differ about newt hes not that great………. now craig dean is soooooo hot !!!

    i love this show i started whatchin coz of craig and john paul and yeh if onli it was on TV in aus coz i have to whatch it on youtube and they dont update it enough so i get like lost…

    sombody should put it on in australia 😀

    lol like i said CRAIG is HOTTT!!!
    cant believe he left *sighs*

  16. xximnotokayxx says:

    Newt looked so much better as an emo.

    I don’t know why everyone’s saying ‘i love Gerard Way’ in this forum but oh well- me too!! xD

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